A Taste Of Africa

African Art

Our artwork includes the world famous Shona Stone Sculptures from Zimbabwe, Soapstone and Wooden Sculptures from countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, and many more.  Each item is handcrafted and unique.  Our sculptures and other products make wonderful, one of a kind special gifts for any occasion. We carry gift items for any occasion and have prices suited to any budget.

Shona stone sculpture is an African art product of the Shona people from Zimbabwe. The Shona people are a group of people located in a region of the southern African plateau. Shona Stone sculptures are carved from a locally obtained stone called serpentine or soapstone and come in many different colors and patterns. Each sculpture is hand carved and no two Shona stone sculptures are the same.

Our Shona stone sculptures come directly from Zimbabwe and are sculpted by native Shona people using only hand tools of their making, open fires to heat the stone, and wax to smooth and polish the finished product. The sale of our Shona stone sculptures directly benefits the Shona people by providing a way for them to make a living.


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