Wicker Basket Hand Woven In Zimbabwe

This Wicker Basket is handcrafted by the Shona artisans in Zimbabwe. The Wicker basket is of the highest quality and is finished off with traditional Zimbabwean weave patterns. This woven basket has been crafted by Shona women. The Shona women use their talents that have been passed down from generation to generation to make these baskets using various/different grasses and reeds. Some grasses get stained to a color choice but in most cases the natural color of the grass is used.

  • Ethically & sustainably handcrafted
  • Measures Approximately 8"D x 8"H
  • Handmade in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa


This beautiful work of art was purchased directly from the Shona artists in Zimbabwe. We source our handmade Shona products through a small family-run supplier in Harare who has been working with and supporting these talented artists for over 10 years. Your purchases of these products help provide stable employment and basic needs for many dependents at a time when unemployment and inflation in Zimbabwe are at unimaginable levels.

All our African products are Fair Trade with the artists either working for themselves or working in co-operatives. The items purchased from our Shona artists support the indigenous tribes of Zimbabwe. We believe that it is now more important than ever to keep supporting these artists during these increasingly difficult times as the ability of these artists to support their families depends on our purchases.

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