Sahara Naturals 100% Raw African Liquid Black Soap

Our 100% Raw Organic African Liquid Black Soap  also known as the "Perfect Skin Secret," is a miracle cleanser is great for use on all skin types. This fragrance free organic raw black soap bar is the answer that you've been searching for. 

Made with gentle moisturizing ingredients it benefits sensitive and damaged skin because of the natural properties of the vitamins and minerals that fight free radicals, lock in moisture, heal and repair as well as strengthen skin cells. Leaving your body with the protection it needs.

Because it's 100% pure & natural your skin will be soft, smooth and blemish free that helps with aging, spots & wrinkles. Comparable to your favorite homemade soaps, this is vegan friendly, and fair trade. It's also hypoallergenic, and not tested on animals making it ideal for your whole family to enjoy, even your baby. Handmade in Ghana



  • Our Raw African Liquid Black Soap is Africa’s best kept secret considered by many as a miracle cleanser.
  • Helps heal skin conditions such as Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Sensitive Skin and Rashes.
  • 100% Pure, Fragrance Free, minimally processed, Chemical Free with no additives or parabens.
  • Made with gentle moisturizing ingredients that offer benefits to sensitive and damaged skin.
  • Our raw African black soap is 100% pure and natural. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Helps fight aging, blemishes and wrinkles. Our soap is hypoallergenic and cruelty free.
  • Works as a gentle cleanser providing a deep cleanse and helps kill bacteria and removes harmful toxin build up on skin.
  • Great for use on all skin types
  • Because our soap is handmade the soap shape may vary .



Apply to washcloth or hands, create rich lather and cleanse. Rinse well. Follow with your favorite Sahara Naturals Body butter. Avoid contact with eyes.


Water, cocoa (chocolate) pod ashes, plantain skin ashes and palm oil

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Healing properties

This is very nice soap! Both of my daughters and I use the soap to help with eczema and has worked very well. Has a natural scent which is light and soft. Definitely recommend.

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