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Recycled Metal Warrior African Masks from Zimbabwe

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This Recycled Metal Warrior African Mask is handmade by artisans in Zimbabwe, South Africa . The reclaimed metal is heated and individually crafted to produce these fabulous masks that are then finished with a varnish. Each mask is individually made each unique with its own markings. These beautiful, recycled metal masks are handmade by a group of artisans from Zimbabwe who have an international reputation for producing the highest quality metal sculptures available from Africa.  

  • Handmade in Zimbabwe, South Africa
  • Ethically & sustainably handcrafted
  • Material: Recycled Oil Drums and Scrap Metal
  • Measures Approximately 7" T x 3.5" W 

Each mask is made by hand so there may be slight and subtle variations in size, color or pattern. This is what makes it unique and a true piece of African art. The masks are Fair Trade, and your purchase of these masks will help provide a stable income and a good standard of living for the artists and their families. Each mask is individually made each unique with its own markings.