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Bead Zebra

Original price $29.99 - Original price $59.99
Original price
$29.99 - $59.99
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This Bead Zebra Sculpture is handmade by the Shona artisans in Zimbabwe, South Africa. This beautiful sculpture is handcrafted from steel wire, hand bent into a three-dimensional free-standing beaded sculpture. This frame is then covered with a "skin" of beads that have been threaded onto thin steel wire and fastened to the frame by hand. 

  • Handmade in Zimbabwe, South Africa
  • Ethically & Sustainably handcrafted
  • Made from Beads and Metal
  • Artisans make 2-3 times what they'd earn in their local market.

Each sculpture is made by hand so there may be slight and subtle variations in size, color, or pattern. This is what makes it unique and a true piece of African art. The sculptures are Fair Trade, and your purchase of these sculptures will help provide a stable income and a good standard of living for the artists and their families. Each sculpture is individually made each unique with its own markings.