Djembe Drum

The music of the African Djembe drum is an African trademark. Artisans in West Africa hand-carve these lovely djembe drums from a single piece of hollowed Tweneboa wood. The goatskin top is stretched, taught, and held in place by long pieces of braided nylon and cotton cord. Each drum is fully functional and adorned with beautiful hand-carved details.

The Djembe drums are professional quality instruments that serve as astounding home decorations as well. These drums are popular in reggae and other cultural music productions. In West Africa, nearly all ceremonies are accompanied by the timeless and distinctive melody of drums.

  • Handmade in West Africa
  • Ethically & Sustainably handcrafted
  • Made from Tweneboa Wood. 
  • The Full-Size Djembe Drum measures approximately 23" T X 14" D, with a 13" drumhead.

The Djembe Drums are handmade in Mali, Guinea, Ghana, and Senegal. Each drum is made by hand so there may be slight and subtle variations in size, color, or pattern. This is what makes them unique and true pieces of African art. Deep, rich, and offer loud bass tones: the sound can be heard for miles in quiet African bush country. The drums are Fair Trade, and your purchase of these instruments will help provide a stable income and a good standard of living for the artists and their families.

Due to the handcrafted nature of these drums, designs will vary; the carving on each drum is unique. [Click to read Handmade Disclaimer.] 

Additional shipping charges may apply for this item.

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