Fang Mask

Fang masks are used in secret ceremonies in Ghana amongst the Fang people. Members of the society wore the masks during the initiation of new members and the persecution of wrongdoers. These masks feature famous African symbols, including the gye nyame symbol, which is a symbol of God's omnipotence. Many also feature a sankofa bird symbol,which symbolizes learning from the past.

Product Information

  • Approximately 5" H x 3.9" W x 2" L
  • Sese wood
  • Hand-crafted item -- color, size and/or motif may vary slightly
  • Hand Made in Ghana.


The product(s) you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your product(s) being 100% handmade.

The beauty of imperfections:

  • Please understand that all the African artwork in our store is handmade, and handmade items, by nature, have imperfections. Although our artists are thorough, there are inconsistencies based on the creative nature, each item will look a little different from the next.
  • Our items have natural and unique imperfections. Our items are handmade and produced in Africa and the creation process is genuine and full of love and care.
  • Any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two items in our store that are exactly the same. Even if the art piece is handmade by the same artist or stone lot, the unique patterning of colors will always make each item beautifully different.
  • Our sculptures are sold As Is.

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