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Red Stone kissing Lovers Hand Carved In Zimbabwe

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Embrace tradition with this tender soapstone sculpture hand-carved by Shona artisans in Zimbabwe. Shaped from a single stone, this symbolic red jasper stone sculpture illustrates the unbreakable bond of love between a man and a woman. 

  • Ethically & sustainably handcrafted
  • Measures Approximately 6.5" H x 1" W x 2.25" L
  • Material: Red Jasper
  • Handmade in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa

Not intended for outdoor display. Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, some variation may occur.

The Story 

The love between a man and a woman is fundamental to the values of the Shona culture. The love between a man and his wife is vital to the health and happiness of their family and those close to them. The Shona believe that love is eternal and once professed, will transcend even death. The Shona sculpture portrays the profound and everlasting love between two people. Two souls are captured in an eternal embrace and appear to be kissing - an expression of their love and happiness together.  

Using a technique passed down by their ancestors, modern-day Shona artisans hand-pick and quarry their stones and carve them using simple tools and polish the finished product with sand and beeswax. The final touch: Each sculpture is heated over a fire to bring out the natural luminescence of the stone. Handmade in Zimbabwe. 

About The Artisans

This beautiful work of art was purchased directly from the Shona artists in Zimbabwe. We source our handmade Shona products through a small family-run supplier in Harare who has been working with and supporting these talented artists for over 10 years. Your purchases of these products help provide stable employment and basic needs for many dependents at a time when unemployment and inflation in Zimbabwe are at unimaginable levels.

All our products are Fair Trade with the artists either working for themselves or working in co-operatives. The items purchased from our Shona artists support the indigenous tribes of Zimbabwe. We believe that it is now more important than ever to keep supporting these artists during these increasingly difficult times as the ability of these artists to support their families depends on our purchases.

Handmade Disclaimer

The product(s) you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your product(s) being 100% handmade.

The beauty of imperfections:

  • Please understand that all the African artwork in our store is handmade, and handmade items, by nature, have imperfections. Although our artists are thorough, there are inconsistencies based on the creative nature, each item will look a little different from the next.
  • Our items have natural and unique imperfections. Our items are handmade and produced in Africa and the creation process is genuine and full of love and care.
  • Any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two items in our store that are exactly the same. Even if the art piece is handmade by the same artist or stone lot, the unique patterning of colors will always make each item beautifully different.
  • Our sculptures and other handmade items in our store are sold As-Is.